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NEUROFOR (Neurobiologcal studies on aggressive antisocial behaviour in forensic psychiatric patients)

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Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi

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There exists huge gaps of knowledge within forensic psychiatric care and treatment. NEUROFOR is an experimental study of neurobiological markers of the disinhibitory behaviour common in forensic psychiatric patients, a not infrequently treatment-resistant group with psychotic disorders, personality syndromes, ADHD and substance abuse. Using data from CAREFOR, a longitudinal follow-up study of forensic psychiatric patients, we study different aspects of brain health such as cognitive functions, metabolic syndrome, blood biomarkers for brain damage, mental fatigue and ability of response inhibition. The overall aim of the study is to find neurobiological markers that can be used both as support in clinical forensic psychiatric practice and as outcome variables in forensic psychiatric treatment studies.