New research engineer with knitting as a hobby

The CDH has recruited Matteo Tomasini as a research engineer, who will work with simulations.



Tell us about your previous work and background.

I have a master’s degree in physics and have went through a PhD in evolutionary biology. I have two postdocs, one in the US and one in Gothenburg, at Marine Sciences.

Matteo Tomasini

What made you apply for this position at the CDH?


I have always been passionate about history. I have a lifelong interest in the humanities. In Switzerland, where I am from, I studied Latin and ancient Greek in high school. I was going to study archaeology but realized I like the sciences more. But I never stopped liking history and literature.

What is your role in the CDH?

I will be working in the Maritime Encounters project. I have always been fascinated by the sea, so it feels very natural to work here.

Tell us something about yourself.

I live in Borås with my ‘sambo’ and two cats. I like running, scuba diving and knitting. Right now I’m doing a hat!