University of Gothenburg

Opera students

We accept new students for the bachelor's programme in opera two years out of three. Therefore, there are only two classes enrolled in the programme at any time. The next new class will begin in the autumn of 2022. The master's programme is open for applications every two years, which means that there is one class at a time. Here you will find students from recent years at the opera programmes.

Photo: Amelie Flink

Opera students bachelor's level 2021-2024

L-R: Terhi Mastovaara, Jonas Egfors, Simon Bergvide

Photo: Jonas Egfors

Opera students master's level 2021-2023

L-R: Anne Birgitte Bouwhuis Røkke, Amelie Flink, Stephania Parlantza, Katariina Poikela, Marcus Bartoletti

Photo: Natalie Greppi

Opera students master's level 2019–2021

L-R: Viktor Johansson, Helena Gedda, Madeleine Allsop, Sunta Overvliet, Anna Ström
Absent: Frida Bergqvist

Photo: Natalie Greppi

Opera students bachelor's level 2019–2022

L-R: Helena Hedman, Viktoria Karlsson, Victor Ternvall, Agnes Thörn, Ellinor Romin, Hedda Lund Andersen.

Photo: Natalie Greppi

Operastudenter bachelor's level 2018–2021

Standing L-R: Sally Svensson, Elin Jakobsson
Sitting L-R: Ingrid Berg, Eric Schoeffler, Jenny Viklund, Amanda Lodding
Absent: Jakob Antonér