Thomas Markusson

Senior Lecturer

Visiting address
Eklandagatan 86
41259 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 210

About Thomas Markusson

Thomas Markusson, double bass and composer. Since graduating in 2001 from the University of Music in Gothenburg, Thomas has worked as a musician and composer in several contexts, both in Sweden and internationally.

At the Academy of Music and Drama, Thomas teaches double bass and electric bass as well as interplay in improvisation, supervision of artistic and independent projects, both on Bachelor and Master level.

Management positions within the Academy;

2017-2023 Program Director for the bachelor's program in improvisation, the master's program for improvisation and world music and NoCoM. NoCoM is a joint master's program together with the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen DK and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo NO.

2015-2017 Head of unit for church music, composition, music and sound production as well as the individual bachelor's program.

2015-2017 Associate head of institution with responsibility for development. Responsible for the institution's reorganization.

2015-2017 Member of the program council

2013-2015 Director of studies for the music teacher training

2010-2013 Course manager for the music teacher training

External assignments;

April 2024 - Guest teacher Hochschule für Musik Karl Maria von Weber Dresden Germany

Oct 2023 - Guest teacher Kunst Uni Graz Austria

Aug 2023 - General Expert for master exams at Jazz Campus Musik Akademie Basel

Feb 2023 - Guest teacher Jazz Campus Musik Akademie Basel

Dec 2022 - Member of the defense council of the PhD thesis "Transformations of jazz Double Bass In the Context of Innovation and Experimentation" author PhD student Vytis Nivinskas, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2022 - Member of the reference group for phonogram support, Swedish Arts Council

Completed higher education courses;

2020 Professional Teaching Skills: Supervision of writing assignments and degree projects, 5 credits, HPE304

2020 Supervision in Postgraduate Programmes, 5 higher education credits, HPE201

2019 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 1: Basic Course, 5 higher education credits, HPE101

2019 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 3: Applied Analysis, 5 credits, HPE103

2017 Teaching and learning in Higher Education 2: Discipline Specific Pedagogic, 5 credits, HPE102

2012 Coaching Course

Artistic projects;

2022 - Mire3. Joona Toivanen - piano, TM - double bass och Johan Björklund - drums

2022 - New project together with Arve Henriksen - trumpet and electronics, TM - double bass and electronics, Helge Andreas Norbakken - percussion and Åke Linton - sound engineer.

2017 - 2020 OPEN Staffan Svensson- trumpet, Naoko Sakata – piano, Cornelia Nilsson – drums och TM -double bass.

2009 - 2021 Member of the Walter Lang Trio. Tours in Japan and Europe. Walter Lang – piano, Magnus Öström – drums och TM – double bass

2000 - 2023 Corpo. Mikael Godee - sop sax, Ebba Westerberg - percussion, TM - double bass och Lars-Erik Norrström - piano.

In addition to the above projects, Thomas has played with, among others, Lee Konitz, Nils Landgren, Rigmor Gustafsson, Chris Cheek, Anders Persson, Terje Sundby, Göran Klinghagen and Daniel Fredar, as well as working regularly in the Göteborg Wind Orchestra, the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Website and social media;



Instagram @tmarkusson

Twitter @thomasbas

Facebook markussonbas

Selected recordings;

Mire3 "Island Song" September 2023

Henriksen/Markusson/Norbakken/Linton "SGS Sessions vol 1-3" spring 2023

Lee Konitz, "Live in Neuburg" spring 2023

Walter Lang Trio "Tens" 2020

Walter Lang Trio "Pure" 2019

Thomas Markusson "Open" 2018

Walter Lang Trio "Translucent Red" 2018

Corpo "solid" 2017

Daniel Fredar Trio "Wallflower" 2017

Walter Lang Trio "Full Circle" 2016

Walter Lang Trio "Moonlight Echoes" 2015

Daniel Karlsson och TM "Duo" 2014

Walter Lang Trio "Starlight Reflections" 2013

Göteborg Wind Orchestra "And There Was Music" 2012

Fredar "Irukandji" 2011

Lee Konitz "Someone to Watch Over Me" 2011

Corpo "Swing" 2009

Walter Lang Trio "Eurasia" 2009