Barbara Ruz Tallqvist

Study Counsellor

Department of Earth
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7B
41262 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 460
40530 Göteborg

About Barbara Ruz Tallqvist

Study Counsellor

  • Geography Bachelor's and Master's Programmes

I am a trained study and career counsellor and graduated from Malmö University.

What I can contribute and offer you is guidance talks, coaching and relevant and objective information about the department's courses and programs. It is also me you turn to if you have a NAIS certificate and need pedagogical support with us.

Whether you are a prospective, independent or program student, you can contact me with specific or general questions. You are welcome to contact me even if you do not have a pre-formulated question about your studies or a clear case. Do you doubt whether you have made the right choice, whether to take a study break or drop out? Curious about studying abroad or trying other courses? Have you fallen behind or are you a little ahead? Where, what, how, when? Come to me and we'll talk about it.

My way of working is based on a norm-critical perspective with respect for the individual's unique value and integrity. I work on the basis of the Privacy Act and the Law on Professional Secrecy

You can find me in room: 4095 or e-mail to:

People's unique and equal value

  • The study and career counsellor respects each person's unique and equal value, his or her right to meaningful education and work, his or her own values and her right to privacy.
  • The study and career counsellor actively combats discrimination on the basis of gender, age, colour, sexual identity, social and cultural background, ethnic, political or religious affiliation, social status, or on the basis of ability or performance.
  • The study and career counsellor does not find the concept of race to be scientifically based on people and actively counteracts racism and Nazism.
  • The study and career counsellor promotes fairness and equal treatment - in doing so, the counsellor pays special attention to compensating for the different circumstances of individuals.
  • The study and career counsellor protects weak and vulnerable groups and sees this as a moral obligation.
  • The study and career counsellor recognises as an ethical value that information about personal circumstances provided by a person in confidence may not be passed on to unauthorized persons without consent.