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University of Gothenburg
Scholarship receipients 2017
The Stena Foundation's diploma ceremony
Photo: Magnus Gotander

Scholarship recipients 2020

Olivia Pivén and Johanna Dahlqvist

Olivia and Johanna spent some time in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and conducted interviews and collected data for their thesis.
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Svenja Haller

Svenja spent three weeks in Californa and collected data for her thesis.
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Aleksei Kuchera and Douglas Redman

Aleksei and Douglas visited Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to conduct interviews and collect data for their thesis.
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Scholarship recipients 2019

Jenni Junttila

Jenni Junttila spent 3 weeks in Sydney, Australia and conducted interviews.
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Louise Granström and Iris Minö

Louise Granström and Iris Minö visited 4 cities, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Paris and conducted interviews and collecting data.

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Customer involvement through social media in the product development process within the luxury goods industry

Scholarship recipients 2018

Levi Östling and Vincent Thermaenius

Levi Östling and Vincent Thermaenius spent 7 weeks in Bangalore, Indien, conducting interviews and working on their master's thesis.

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Financial Inclusion in the Age of FinTech: A multiple case study of FinTech companies’ role for financial inclusion in India

Ida Lönnfält and Josefine Sandqvist

Ida Lönnfält and Josefine Sandqvist collected empirical data and conducted interviews in London, England during the spring 2018.

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Blockchains, the New Fashion in Supply Chains? - The compatibility of blockchain configurations in supply chain management in the fast fashion industry

Philip Steen and Sebastian Misurák

Philip Steen and Sebastian Misurák spent three weeks in Silicon Valley, USA where they conducted interviews and collected data.

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Mixed Venture Capital Syndicates: How Independent Venture Capital Firms Evaluate Corporate Venture Capital Arms as Syndication Partners

Scholarship recipients 2017

Ebba Bergbom Wallin and Maria Lundin

Ebba and Maria conducted field studies in Hangzhou, China.

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Collaboration as a mechanism for servitization in the automotive industry: The case of China and Sweden

Victor Göthensten and Axel Hellström

Victor and Axel travelled to Silicon Valley, USA to collect empirical data.

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Finding product-market fit, How do software start-ups approach product-market fit?

Moa Gustafsson and Julia Franke

Moa and Julia collected data in Silicon Valley, USA and at Hannover Messe, Germany.

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Industrial Internet of Things; How technology providers capture a competitive edge by analyzing the Business Model Environment

Erik Armkvist and Lucas Malina

Erik and Lucas travelled to Shanghai, China to conduct interviews.

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Disseminative Capabilities in New Product Development Projects; A Single Case Study about Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer at CEVT

Alexis Rehnberg and Victor Lavin

Alexis and Victor conducted a field study at Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA.

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Creating Innovators; A case study on University-Industry Collaboration

Björn Ingmansson

Björn explored the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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What led Tel Aviv to become a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Scholarship recipients 2016

Mathilda Lund and Frida Nilsson

Mathilda and Frida collected the empirical data for their thesis in Silicon Valley, USA.
Read their thesis here

Scholarship recipients 2015

Fredrik Örneblad

Fredrik traveled to Stanford University, USA, to collect data in connection with his thesis.

Sofie Berg and Madeleine Englund

Sofie and Madeleine conducted research and wrote their thesis at Zheijang University, China.
Read their thesis here

Theodoros Peristeris and Deni Redzepovic

Theodoros and Deni conducted a qualitative study a Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
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Scholarship recipients 2014

Robin Wiberg and Mathias Andersson

Robin and Mathias traveled to China (Zhejiang University) to assess how innovations within business models are received and legitimized within a company.
Read their thesis here

Simon Adolfsson and Peter Rohn

Simon and Peter traveled to Switzerland (University of St Gallen) to assess how well venture capitalists time exiting their investments through stock market introductions in relation to the current market situation (stock-market value at introduction).
Read their thesis here

Scholarship recipients 2013

Karin Berg and Ingvild Nyløkken

Karin and Ingvild traveled to Norway (the Centre for Technology,
Innovation, and Culture (TIC), University of Oslo) to research Idea Generation- the starting point of Innovation.
Read their thesis here

Scholarship recipients 2012

Fabian Angard and Fredrik Hillerström

Fabian and Fredrik went to the Netherlands (HAN University) in order to gather parts of their empirical data for the master’s thesis.
Read their thesis here

Irem Soydan

Irem went to India to conduct interviews with people from diverse areas from the industry and academia in India (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore).