University of Gothenburg

Access to the infrastructure

Welcome to apply for measurement time or sample preparation support at the Swedish NMR Centre.

There are two nodes to the Swedish NMR Centre, located in Umeå and Gothenburg.

For information regarding instrumentation and supported expert competence, please check the respective website, GU node and UmU node.

Academic projects are accepted after evaluation of scientific quality and feasibility. For most projects, this is done by SNC personnel, but for larger projects, the SNC scientific board is consulted. Industrial projects are accepted without evaluation.

Support is offered on different levels

Access: User operates spectrometer or use a ‘walk up machine’

Service: SNC staff performs measurements after discussion/instruction from user and provides data, processed or in raw format

Collaboration: The project is on a collaborative basis, usually including analysis of NMR data by SNC personnel, but can also include planning of experiments, set up of pulse sequences, design of new pulse sequences, sample preparation, supporting sample production (protein expression) among other things.

Metabolomics: Final sample preparation and data acquisition is always performed by SNC personnel, degree of analysis is discussed at project start

Associated costs

Costs apply for both usage of spectrometers as well as personnel. Metabolomics projects have a cost model that is based on a per sample fee. Specific details can be found on the joint Swedish NMR Centre application portal HERE. Different rates apply for academia and industry. For FBS projects, a fixed fee is added for screening campaigns using fragment libraries supplied by the SNC.

Academic projects granted measurement time also includes 10h of personnel time (40h for collaborative metabolomics projects) to cover administrative work, communication, sample handling, data processing and possible data analysis. In collaborative projects, the cost model is defined per project, and for service projects, there is an hourly fee when more than 10 hours are needed.

Projects initiated from industry includes 4 hours to cover the administrative work, communication and simple sample handling.

Cancellation policy

Bookings of spectrometer time are always made in dialogue with each user after submission of a project application. To best make use of the available time on the NMR spectrometers a cancellation policy is also in place. Cancellations or alterations of bookings can be made up to two working days prior to the start of the booking. For cancellations or alterations made beyond this point, the user will be charged for the spectrometer time (maximum two days) only when the booked time cannot be used by another user. We will of course try our best to reschedule bookings or make the time available to new users. Please let us know if there is a high chance that your sample might not be present for the day of your booking.