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University of Gothenburg
Protein analysis with SDS-PAGE and Western blot
Proteinanalys with SDS-PAGE and Western blot
Photo: Charbel Sader

Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE)

The core facility Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE) offers production of recombinant proteins for research purposes. We use mammalian cells to produce complex proteins with post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation. Researchers from universities or companies in Sweden and from abroad are equally welcome.

We can help with the culture of adherent and suspension cell lines in large and small scale and also culture hybridoma cells for the production of monoclonal antibodies.

Availability during COVID-19 situation

We are still open for research support. Please contact us via mail, phone or digital meetings.


Staff from MPE core facility participate in different courses at both  basic, advanced and research levels.

Pharmacy education

Here we participate both in the second semester within the course Cell Biology III and at an electory course in the 8th semester called Molecular genetics and the development of protein biopharmaceuticals (7.5 hp).

Post-graduate education

MPE core facility gives the course Cell culture (2.5 hp) for PhD students, which gives basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the culturing of cells and some different applications. The course is run once every year, usually in the fall. Application to participate is made via Sahlgrenska Academy's course catalogue, in April.

National and international networks

The Mammalian Protein Expression core facility is part of the European Network for protein production facilities. Network is called P4EU, Protein Production Purification Partnership in Europe.

MPE also collaborates with other Swedish academic centres for protein expression, working with other expression systems such as E. coli and baculovirus. In the list Links, you will find links to other facilities.