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University of Gothenburg

Specimen Preparation for LM

In the light microscope many different types of specimens can be imaged, These includes live or fixed cells and tissue and there are many ways to prepare these specimens.

There are many ways to prepare specimens for light microscopy. Generally, our users perform the sample preparations in their own lab and come with the prepared sample to the microscope. If needed, we can give advice about fixation protocols, fluorophore selections, mounting media etc.

For big tissue samples we can perform different tissue clearing protocols as a service. In addition, there is a cryostat at the CCI facility, which can be booked by the hour like our other equipment.


Tissue clearing

The tissue clearing protocols aim to make tissue as transparent as possible to enable much greater imaging depths. Using this technology, researchers can investigate entire structure of tissue without sample sectioning, for example, an entire 3D map of neuronal pathways can be imaged from a cleared mice brain.

CCI provides tissue clearing services to  researchers. Please contact us, preferably using, if you are interested in tissue clearing technology, and we can find an ideal clearing protocol for your sample and your research goal using our modified tissue clearing protocols.


Full service includes:

  • We design and provide an ideal clearing protocols for your sample.
  • We will then take care of the technical side of tissue clearing.
  • This service is subject to availability of our resources.

We currently offer the following protocols:

  • Advanced CUBIC
  • ClearSee

Leica CM1950 cryostat

The Leica CM1950 is a cryostat with an encapsulated microtome and separate specimen cooling. The displays and instrument controls are easy to operate due to their largely self-explanatory symbols. LED displays make it easy to read. The cryochamber is made of seamlessly welded, high-quality stainless steel that is free of difficult-to-access corners and thus easy to clean and disinfect. 

This cryostat is primarily intended for the users of the laser microdissection system. Other users are also welcome if they keep the necessary cleanliness level and respect that the cryostat has to be absolutely RNAse free.

After a short introduction to the functions of the cryostat you will get access to the booking of this system. When working at the cryostat you have to bring all consumables you need for using the cryostat, e.g. the disposable blades, OCT, cryofect etc. We provide specimen discs but if you want to use the specimen discs outside the facility (i.e at EBM or at your lab) you have to buy your own. For information about the introduction or consumables please contact us.