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Childbirth research

Research group

Short description

The Childbirth research group focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, the neonatal period and women's and families’ health. The objective is to contribute to excellence in clinical practice. The research is carried out by developing and testing philosophies, theories and models of care. The group has considerable experience in conducting qualitative research, randomised controlled trials and in measuring and exploring experiences. Projects are conducted not only in Sweden but also internationally.

Childbirth as a normal physiological process 

This area includes studies on oxytocin, labour, pain in labour, vaginal birth after caesarean section, measurement of childbirth experience, fathers’ experience of their partners’ pregnancy and childbirth.

Health in complicated conditions associated with childbirth and early parenthood

Studies included in this area include: fear of childbirth, peripartum cardio myopathy, mothers with obesity, mothers with diabetes, women with bi-polar disorder, women with HIV, induction of labour, non-Swedish parents caring for a child in neonatal unit, experiences of partners of women with peripartum cardio myopathy, care following sexual abuse, fathers’ experience of childbirth and up to one year later

Care environment and models of care for childbearing

The third area includes studies on labour room, midwifery model of women-centred care, work situation for midwives, perineal care in labour, quality of maternity care, and person-centred care. 


Women and their families are entitled to ethical and respectful care from all staff involved. Equal healthcare must be provided regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation or socio-economic conditions. In order to obtain this, a mutual, trusting and respectful personal treatment of each woman, child or family is needed. A person- centred care approach is strived for by making partnerships with women and families, as well as in interdisciplinary cooperation.

The main role of professionals in childbirth is to protect and promote a physiologically normal childbirth and provide optimal care for complex and complicated conditions. 

Midwives have an autonomic and central role in developing effective and individualized care in childbirth. We believe that research in this area can be strengthened through interdisciplinary research collaborations and through holistic care, which can be studied from different perspectives.


Research projects