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University of Gothenburg

International Conference on Analyzing and advancing simulations for professional learning (SimPro2021)

The International Conference on Analyzing practices and advancing pedagogies for professional learning is a virtual conference on April 7th 2021. The conference is funded by the Swedish Research Council and brings together practice-oriented research on simulation-based training from three different domains: medicine, maritime navigation, and police education.

The conference keynotes will discuss the theoretical underpinnings of professional learning in simulated environments, putting focus on embodied actions with different artefacts during simulation as well as the importance of language and social interaction for reflecting on simulation in post-simulation debriefings. The invited presenters report detailed studies on practices of training and assessment in simulated environments and critically discuss their empirical findings in regards to the development of skills and competencies needed in different professions.

Carried out in parallel sessions, round table discussions will reflect on the potential for interdisciplinary exchange between professions, different theoretical perspectives on learning in simulated environments and the practical implications for professional learning, summing up different aspects of the conference and its take home messages.

As a result, the conference identifies critical features of simulation practice and outlines how results can advance simulation pedagogy in professional domains with high standards of safety. The conference turns to researchers and educators in simulation-based education, as well as to practitioners and students.