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Lifestyle habits - Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health

Open Course Lifestyle Habits

This MOOC address a societal need to promote lifestyle changes and physical activity to a broader public and to do this based on current research in this area.

With a broad perspective, the three modules introduce relevant research that explains both why and how to be physically active, the connection to public health policy, why we should avoid sedentary behaviour and how to promote lifestyle changes in a sustainable way.

Further, a final module is dedicated to the limitations and possibilities when using sensors and wearables to measure physical activity.

The target group is broad and includes practitioners from the health sector, personal trainers, people interested in increasing their physical activity and others who want to know more about being physically active.

How to take part

The three modules offer both video material, powerpoints and further reading links. In addition, each module will have a quiz that you need to complete in order to move on to the next module.

The course is self-paced which means that you decide when to take part and in what intensity. You could, however, expect to finalise all three courses in about one week.

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