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Cultural and Local Development - Measuring the Impact

Samhälle & ekonomi

How can we capture the impacts of culture and museums on community development and greater social capital? On urban regeneration, place branding, inclusion and well-being, and on innovation and creativeness?

1 okt 2019
12:00 - 15:30
Jonsereds herrgård, William Gibsons väg 21

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Jonsereds herrgård Göteborgs universitet i samverkan med OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship och Kulturförvaltningen Göteborgs Stad

The OECD works from the understanding that knowledge is the main lever of development. Local museums are high-lighted as key institutions to attract investments and professional skills; create well-being, health, education and creation of social capital. OECD have developed a guide to help cities effectively channel public and private funding and make museums drivers of vibrant and sustainable local development.

What are in fact the potentials and possible pitfalls of using culture as a driver for local development?

Seminar in English.

Ekaterina Travkina Coordinator, Culture and Creative Industries, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions&Cities, Jenny Johannisson senior lecturer in Library and Information Science, earlier at The Centre for Cultural Policy Research (KPC), analyst The Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy. Moderator: Klas Grinell associate professor in History of Ideas and culture strategist at the Cultural Administration, City of Gothenburg.