Courses within the Master's programme in Molecular Biology

The Master’s programme in Molecular Biology consists of elective courses, allowing you to create a unique scientific profile. You can either deepen your knowledge in your field or broaden your knowledge by adding other natural science subjects to your curriculum. You can also choose to study any other subject taught at the University of Gothenburg.

To receive a Master's degree in Molecular Biology, you must have passed courses equivalent to 120 credits, of which

  • 60 credits at master's level within the major subject, including a degree project of at least 30 credits
  • 30 credits at master's level in elective subjects
  • 30 credits either at bachelor's or master's level in elective subjects.

Recommended courses 

Autumn term (September - November)

The programme starts with a course in molecular biology at master's level, BIO545 - Molecular Biology, 15 credits. After this course, you can create your own scientific profile by choosing courses from the list below. If you have already taken an equivalent course in molecular biology, please contact our study counsellor.

Bachelor's level

BIO213 - Cell and Developmental Biology, 15 credits

BIO235 - Immunology, 15 credits

BIO232 - Human Physiology, 15 credits

Master's level

KEM350 - Design and Production of Biomolecules, 15 credits


Autumn term (November - January)

Bachelor's Level

BIO277 - Molecular Microbiology, 15 credits

BIO330 - Genetically engineered foods, 7.5 credits

Master's level

BIO555 - Genetics, 15 credits

BIO403 - Advanced Bioinformatics, 15 credits

BIO524 - Drug discovery and development, 15 credits

BIO523 - Drug Development, 7.5 credits


Spring term (January - March)

Bachelor's level

BIO210 - Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, 15 credits

BIO350 - Plant physiology in a dynamic environment, 15 credits

Master's level

BIO501 - Neurobiology, 15 credits

BIO510 - Molecular Prokaryotic Microbiology, 15 credits


Spring term (March - June)     

Master's level

BIO440 - Eukaryotic Molecular Microbiology, 15 credits

BIO442 - Evolutionary Genomics, 15 credits

BIO467 - Immunology and Disease Pathogenesis, 15 credits. We plan to start this course in the spring term of 2025.

BIO530- Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 15 credits


Master's degree project

BIO780 - Master's degree project in Molecular Biology, 30 credits.

The project can be extended to 

    45 credits, BIO781, or
    60 credits, BIO782.


Create a unique scientific profile

You can broaden your knowledge by studying other natural science courses and/or other subjects taught at the University of Gothenburg.

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