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University of Gothenburg


Deep geothermal energy and energy storage.

Deep geothermal exploration

ERGO is working closely with Gothenburg Energy to realize production of district heat from enhanced geothermal systems at 5-7 km depth. Clean, carbon neutral and affordable energy for the citizens of Gothenburg is within reach, but there are several challenges that need to be solved by a combination of geology and technology. ERGO is leading the scientific investigations in two deep drilling project with budget of 1.3 million €, partly funded by the Swedish Energy agency

Thermal energy storage

ERGO is developing novel solutions for seasonal thermal energy storage, since heat is cheap and abundant in the summer, but expensive to produce and in high demand during winter. Low cost thermal energy storage could drastically reduce both the cost of heat and CO2 emissions for cities and industries. A first pilot plant has been constructed for proof-of concept and commercialization is in progress.