Master presentation: Emma Rusconi Clerici

Naturvetenskap & IT

Presentation av mastersarbete. Titeln på examensarbetet är "Characterization and Categorization of three dimensional Ph. carolinus trajectories".

20 sep 2021
15:00 - 16:00
Digitalt via Zoom

Handledare: Kristian Gustafsson


The emergence of spontaneous synchronization is one of the most captivating phenomena in nature. This is observed in a large number of systems, of both natural and artificial nature. Among others, synchronization in fireflies still presents a large number of questions. A recent alternative view of the system has highlighted, through three-dimensional trajectory reconstruction, the presence of a large variety of flight paths. Here we present one of the first steps towards the exploration of this system through the study of the firefly's three-dimensional flight trajectories. In the analysis, we have explored the characterization and categorization of the trajectories by investigating both the kinematic and geometrical properties. The results point towards the presence of a number of subclusters showing the possible relevance of the trajectories in this collective behavior.  

Presentationen genomförs via Zoom

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