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World Music Performance, bachelor's programme

Bachelor's Programme in Music, with a specialization in World Music Performance

Bachelor’s programme
3 years
180 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 867 000 SEK
First payment: 144 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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A programme for musicians with a background in one of the world's folk music genres. You may also be active within non-Western art music, such as classical Arabic or Indian music, or hybrid forms of these. The programme is taught in English. You should be open-minded and curious about the diversity of genres and experiences that exists in contemporary life. An important element of the programme consists of learning how to address and understand other musical expressions and traditions through ensemble playing and various projects.


You choose the specialisation of your individual musical immersion. You can also choose among several specialisation courses that will help you create the tools you need to work as a freelance musician. During the three years, you will participate in collaborations with students from other courses at the Academy of Music and Drama.

What is included in the programme? 

Main subject (90 HEC)
You will immerse yourself artistically in your primary instrument by working individually as well as in ensemble. You are afforded broad latitude in determining the direction of the curriculum. In the course Ensemble Performance, you encounter a range of musical traditions, which also contributes to the development of your own musical language. The emphasis is on interaction and active listening, and on the craft of playing in an ensemble, with dynamics, rhythm and communication. You write an independent paper in year 3 (15 HEC) and learn about formulating questions, critical attitudes and the fundamental principles of artistic and practice-based research.

Courses in Artistic Theory and Practice (67.5 HEC)
Music theory, playing by ear and creating music have prominent roles. These modules are linked to ensemble playing and adapted to your current abilities. Also included are courses in ergonomics, your future role as a professional, musical technique, stage communication and touring projects. The course is taught partly in project form, with emphasis on knowledge of a freelance musician’s range of working opportunities. The role of music in society is examined from scientific and artistic perspectives. The music of different cultures is compared.

Personal profile (22.5 HEC)
You have an opportunity to choose elective courses to further deepen and broaden your knowledge in various subject areas. The programme prepares you for working as a freelance musician, including taking responsibility for planning, booking and marketing tours and concerts. The programme includes collaboration with Kultur i Väst, Musik Västernorrland, Musikens Hus Göteborg and the Planeta Festival.

• The programme also provides an opportunity to collaborate with other students. Music, poetry and acting are allowed to intermingle and give rise to new creative expressions. 

On tour

At least once a year, you and your class create a tour or concert. During the first year, you create a performance for children in primary school. In the second and third year, you head out for a week on tour. These projects aim to practice the professional life as a freelancer and practice aspects of planning, rehearsal, booking and execution.


The programme has an established team of teachers, where every teacher has a solid knowledge within their field: Ahmad al Khatib, Mia Marine, Jonas Simonson, Stefan Bergman, Ingrid Brännström, Helge Andreas Norbakken and Sofia Högstadius. In addition to the main teachers, instrument teachers and regular visits by guest teachers are offered. Read more about the teachers at the Bachelor's Programme in World Music.

Who should apply?

A programme for musicians with a background in one of the world's folk music genres. You may also be active within non-Western art music, such as classical Arabic or Indian music, or hybrid forms of these. The programme is taught in English.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements for university studies. Special qualifications in the form of musical knowledge and skills is assessed at the admission test. The admission test is also the basis for the selection of eligible applicants.


Selection of eligible applicants is based upon entrance tests.

After graduation

The programme is intended to offer preparation for future professional roles as musicians specializing in folk music, non-Western art music and the interaction of different musical styles. In addition the programme is to provide students with the tools needed to enable communication with cultural circles in the surrounding community, knowledge about prevailing conditions in the free-lance sector and contacts in this network. The programme can also provide a basis for further study at master’s level or in teacher-training programmes.


The Academy of Music and Drama operates from four locations in Gothenburg: Eklandagatan 86, Åvägen 24 (Brewhouse), Vasagatan 50 (HDK-Valand) and Triörgatan 1 (Andra stället).

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