University of Gothenburg

Citizen panel for researchers

For researchers that are interested in collaborating with the SOM Institute in the Swedish citizen panel or in any other type of panel data collection project, we offer a cost effective one-stop service.

At the SOM Institute we aim to provide qualified consultation on web-based research and instrumental design as well as data collection and data processing.

In the Swedish citizen panel we present a one-stop service that offers feedback and advice regarding design and content of scientific studies and survey questionnaires, along with data collection in the infrastructure itself. The size of the panel provides unique opportunities to customize sample selection for a variety of designs. For a sense of panel operations, view our panel waves and read study documentation in our Technical reports.

In addition to the Swedish citizen panel we can occasionally offer panel data collection in the Politician Panel and the Journalist Panel as well. Furthermore, we are open to other projects within the field of web panel data or survey methodology. We also offer to reinforce our number of active panel participants with new recruitment based on preferred variables or representative samples. Do not hesitate to contact us with your research proposals.

For an application form in word-format please contact us at

Application 2022