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University of Gothenburg

Ida Lindblad

Ida Lindblad was allocated a grant from the foundation to allow her to focus 100% on her thesis and dissertation

Psychologist and PhD student


"I was registered as a PhD student in June of 2011. My PhD dissertation is titled “Mild intellectual disability: diagnostic and outcome aspects”. We have, among other things, compared the ability to adapt (everyday function) in children with mild intellectual disability with the adaptive ability in children with ADHD. We have studied mothers with mild intellectual disability and examined outcomes for their respective children.

I put forward my dissertation project in December of 2013. During the autumn of 2013 I received a two-month scholarship from The Swedish Child Neuropsychiatry Science Foundation to write the so-called “frame” of my dissertation. The frame contains an overview of the research area at hand, as well as a summary of the research project’s method and results.

This scholarship from The Swedish Child Neuropsychiatry Science Foundation allowed me to dedicate a coherent time period to compiling and finishing my dissertation project. Thanks to the two-month scholarship I did not need to split my working hours between research time and my everyday job as a psychologist. Instead, I was able to focus completely on completing my dissertation. This was of great importance to me".

Ida Lindblad
Photo: Berit Abrahamssons Foto