University of Gothenburg

About us

The Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science, has a holistic approach to people's experience of food and meals, as well as sport and physical activity.

We aim to lay the ground for good health and sustainable development through research and education.

Central themes within Food and Nutrition include eating habits, meals, the significance of food in relation to public health, as well as leadership and organisation in restaurants and institutional households. Sport science covers a broad spectrum of physical activities, from exercise and health promotion to competitive and elite sports.

The department was established on 1 July 2010 and is a fusion of the Department of Food, Health and Environment and the School of Sport Science at the University of Gothenburg.

Management group

Head of department: Frode Slinde

Deputy Head of Department: Anders Raustorp

Assistant Head of Department with focus on research: Daniel Arvidsson

Assistant Head of Department with focus on education: Lena Gripeteg

Administrative Manager: Mattias Zackrisson

Director of Studies, Doctoral studies: Peter Korp

Director of Studies, Food and Nutrition: Annica Strandh Johansson

Director of Studies, Sport Science: Beatrix Algurén

Director Center for Health and Performance (CHP): Stefan Grau