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Photo: Arja Källbom

Visiting craft researchers

The Craft Laboratory encourages research and development by offering craft professionals the opportunity to engage in visiting craft projects. The activity aims to let practitioners develop their own practices and is a way to pass on craft knowledge.

Coopering with pre-industrial methods 

For many centuries, coopered vessels have been produced in various sizes, from small butter containers to larger containers. When tin and plastic buckets were introduced, the copered vessels and the coopering craftsmanship was lost. In Beth Moens project, some of the coopering knowledge has been recovered.

In Beth Moens uncommented film you can follow the whole process of making a coopered vessel. The process is described, in Swedish, in the report "Lagga med förindustriella metoder".

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Video (1:01:32)
Crafting a coopered vessel

Curved profiles with traditional methods

Olof Appelgren's project on curved profiles intended to replicate the carpentry from the 1770s in the Tottieska farm at Skansen. The work was part of a larger development project, in which, the carpentry profiles for three rooms was to be replicated entirely with traditional tools and techniques. The project was documented in a film (in Swedish).

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Handhyvlade svängda profiler