Christology and Salvation

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)


Thinking about Jesus Christ (Christology) and the question of salvation
has in many ways always been at the centre of Christian theology. In
this course you will study how these themes emerged, developed, and are
discussed today.

It will be important to understand how Christology is
interconnected with the doctrine of salvation, and how these are
integrated into wider theological frameworks. But it will also be
crucial to understand how the theology is related to other philosophical
and ethical questions: What is a human being? What is the meaning of
freedom? How do we live a good life? The course I focused around the
reading and discussing of primary texts.

Prerequisites and selection


Degree of Bachelor or completed courses of at least 180 credits at first cycle level, of which at least 90 credits with progression in some main field of study where it is included a bachelor's thesis of at least 15 credits. Qualified are also those that have equivalent foreign education or that have equivalent prior knowledge according to earlier study regulation. Furthermore, knowledge corresponding to English A/English 5 is required.