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Photo: C. Spetea Wiklund

PHOBIO – Regulation of photosynthesis and renewable biomass production

Research group
Pågående forskning
Project owner
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Short description

The ongoing research in our group is dedicated to understand how photosynthesis is regulated by ion fluxes in plants and algae. In the recent years we have initiated additional projects to use our photosynthesis expertise for production of renewable biomass using microalgae.


Cornelia Spetea Wiklund, professor
Emilija Dukic, PhD student
Otilia Cheregi, researcher
Valeria Villaniva, researcher

From left to right: Otilia Cheregi, Emilija Dukic, Cornelia Spetea Wiklund, Gabriella Mege and Valeria Villanova (Dec 2019, Göteborg)