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Management mobility and managerial sustainability in municipal administrations

Research project
Inactive research
Project size
3 585 267
Project period
2011 - 2015
Project owner
Department of Sociology and Work Science

Short description

Recruiting and retaining competent managers has become an increasingly important issue for Sweden's municipalities. The turnover is large and there are reports of increasing difficulties in attracting suitable managerial candidates. Personnel turnover in the private sector is relatively well-researched, but in the public sector, the studies are considerably fewer. High staff turnover has consequences for both the quality and the stability of the business. All staff turnover is not bad. New staff can counter stagnation and contribute to development. Being "locked in" means not being happy with one's work and one's workplace poses a risk of ill health. The managers' lack of satisfaction also adversely affects the staff and thus the operations. Therefore, for the best of organizations, a good balance between stability and mobility is needed.


Annika Härenstam, Professor in Work Science, Department of Sociology and Work Science

Anders Pousette, Department of  Psychology

Erik Berntson, Department of  Psychology, Stockholms universitet

Lotta Dellve, Borås University (nowadays UoG, Department of Sociology and Work Science)

Karin Allard, Department of Sociology and Work Science

Anna Cregård, School of Public Administration

Linda Corin, PhD-candidate, Department of Sociology and Work Science