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Power-critical and global studies in social work

Research group

Short description

The research group focuses on inequality-creating structures and processes, globally and locally, based on a power-critical and radical tradition in social work.

About the research group

Inequalities in power and resources take on many different expressions and are supported by several different logics. Our research group sees colonialism and capitalism as central to the (re) production of unequal living conditions. Among other things, this focuses on race / ethnicity, class, gender, legal status, bureaucratic structures and social segregation.

In its efforts to address and relate to social inequality and bring about social change, we see anti-colonial approaches, political and social mobilization, human rights and ethical attitudes as important tools.

Theoretically, methodologically and empirically, the research group wants to safeguard openness to both subject-specific, creative and cross-border approaches.


The researchers' latest scientific publications can be found in the University of Gothenburg's publication database (GUP).