University of Gothenburg

Workshop on One Health Partnership

The partnership on One Health AMR is an international initiative that is expected to be launched in 2025 which will support research and innovation to curb AMR for many years ahead. In order to properly define the research and innovation objectives of the partnership, a series of consultations are ongoing.

EDAR6 will host an interactive workshop and panel discussion on Tuesday the 27th with the objectives to identify and discuss environmental aspects of AMR to be addressed in the partnership and to be prioritized for funding. A draft text of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is available for downloading here.  We strongly recommend all participants to download and read the document ahead of the session on the 27th and take the opportunity to influence research directions and funding on AMR in the next decade.

One Health AMR Partnership SRIA - DRAFT Research and Innovation Priorities

DRAFT Research and Innovation Priorities (PDF)