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Ny artikel: "Kritisk infrastruktur, inlåsning och hållbar stadsutveckling: fallet avfallsförbränning i Göteborgsområdet"


Artikeln: "Infrastructures, lock-in, and sustainable urban development – the case of waste incineration in the Göteborg Metropolitan Area" av Hervé Corvellec (LU), María José Zapata Campos (GRI, GU) och Patrik Zapata (SPA, GU) har publicerats i Journal of Cleaner Production.

This article explains how infrastructures with a sustainability record may evolve over time into a lock-in that slows the emergence of more sustainable urban infrastructures. A study of waste incineration in the Göteborg Metropolitan Area, Sweden, serves as an illustrative case. Taking leads from Unruh (2000, 2002), four rationales of lock-in are identified in the case: institutional, technical, cultural, and material. The article describes how these rationales, one by one and in collaboration, lock-in waste handling in the Göteborg Metropolitan Area to incineration. The article also suggests that these four rationales could serve as a program to unlock urban infrastructures. Asking the question “Are we in a lock-in?” is featured as a practical starting point for planning changes in urban infrastructure governance that contribute to sustainability.