Äldre bild med grafiska tillägg.
Stillbild från The Right to design: A purposeful misreading - PARSE HUMAN JOURNAL 2020.
Foto: Onkar Kular

The Right to Design

Pågående forskning
2019 - pågående

Kort beskrivning

The Right to Design is a practice-based platform which 1) positions design more broadly and beyond it institutional settings; 2) interrogates design within and in relation to different rights – for instance human or commercial - and through a transdisciplinary framework 3) reimagining design through a intersectional and decolonial lense as a form of literacy, crucial for decoding, navigating and acting upon social, cultural and political spheres and issues as individuals as well as collectives. Engendered by a 1:1 methodology the platform serves as base for public outreach such as assemblies, methodologies such as misreading, publications and educational work with partners outside academia.