Quantitative method and biostatistics

Master’s level
7.5 credits (ECTS)
Study pace
Mixed time
Location independent
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Full education cost: 18 500 SEK
First payment: 18 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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This course gives the ability to interpret, understand and value medical statistical results. The students get the grip of both basic statistical methods, but also how to design studies, critical analyse and value articles and the ability to do analysis by themselves using own data.


Target group
The course is suitable for a student at master's level or equivalent who aims to refresh their statistical background before their degree project or other studies/projects. The course is also suitable for someone working as a project leader or equivalent in healthcare science.


The course discusses both basal statistics (such as scales, measures of central tendency, definitions of p-value, level of significance, power etc.) and more advanced methods as different tests (both parametric and non-parametric) and different regression methods. In addition, how to choose between different designs and hypothesis and the implications of these decisions are also introduced. 

After passing of the course

After passing of the course, you are supposed to be able to interpret, understand and value different statistical results. You understand the difference in interpretation, when used different methods and how to choose between these. You are also able to conduct an analysis by yourself by using a statistical program.

Distance learning course 25% study pace

This is an advanced course in biostatistics of 7.5 credits, given on part time (25 %).

The students will access the recorded lectures on Canvas, to give the student a possibility to have a flexible schedule. The students will meet for five mandatory group works (three computer sessions and two discussion seminars). Some lectures will be scheduled, where the students will have the opportunity to meet with the teacher (via Zoom) and discuss questions together. The exam will take place at Gothenburg.

Even if the lectures are recorded it is important the students set aside time at a regular basis, to be able to follow the courses time plan and be able to participate in the mandatory group works.


Apply for the course via The course will be open for late application in December.

Prerequisites and selection


A Bachelor's degree or professional degree qualifications corresponding to at least 180 credits within the main area of health science or social science. Specific entry requirements in English are required, English 6/English B or the equivalence.


Selection is based upon the number of credits from previous university studies, maximum 165 credits.