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Metal Art, introductory course

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Bachelor’s level
30 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 142 500 SEK
First payment: 142 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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This course package is aimed at you who want an introduction to artistic studies in metal art. Throughout an entire semester, you will have the opportunity to explore different techniques in metal through assignments and themes with a focus on materials, body, and space.


You will receive support in developing working methods and reflecting on your work, and also in communicating your choice of methods orally and in writing. Through lectures, supervised exercises, workshops, and tutorials, you will explore visual design and communication, as well as theory and history, providing a foundation for a rich and well-rounded education as you develop your craftsmanship. 

You will study in an international and unique environment: HDK-Valand Campus Steneby in Dals Långed, 170 kilometres north of Gothenburg. We have one of the largest academic metal workshop in the world, including a 1200-square-meter forge. See our virtual tour of the workshops.

Course meetings

The course package is given with study pace 100% during the autumn semester 2022. Students in the free-standing course co-study together with the program students in the BFA programme in Metal Art. The teaching takes place on site at HDK-Valand Campus Steneby. The language of instruction is English. 

The  following courses are included in course package:

  • SBMG01 Metal Art 1, 18 credits
  • SBHI01 Theory and History 1, 4.5 credits
  • SBVI01 Visual Studies, Visual Literacy 1, 7.5 credits

Apply for the course

1. Apply for the course on
Application period: March 15 - April 19 

2. Submit your work sample through SlideRoom 
Period to submit portfolio: March 15 - April 26 

An application is not valid without a correctly submitted work sample. Read more about what your work sample should contain below.

All texts in the work samples must be in English.

Prerequisites and selection


General entrance requirements

Special instructions for application

CV, previous experience and education

Letter of intent where you describe your choice and expectations of the course. Also describe what/who gives you inspiration.

Portfolio instructions, present by using images, an object in metal that made an impression on you. Note! No self-made item. Briefly describe why you chose this object. Evaluate the form, expression, context, etc. 5-10 images.

Hand drawings, sketches, paintings or life drawings (figure studies). 5-10 images.

Images of work/objects you have designed and made yourself, preferably in metal, work/objects made in other materials can also be uploaded. Describe the material you used, the size of your work and the year you made them. 5-10 images.

Your application must be anonymous. Do not include name or contact details anywhere in this material.

Remember that all texts in the work samples must be in English.


The selection is based on submitted work samples.