University of Gothenburg

Researchers in behavioural and experimental economics

The Behavioural and Experimental Economics Group (BEE) at University of Gothenburg is a research group at the Department of Economics, established to facilitate research in behavioural and experimental economics.

Group photo of researchers within behavioural and experimental economics

Akay, Alpaslan
Happiness; Migration; Public Goods; Econometrics

Carlsson, Fredrik
Environment and Behaviour; Field experiments; Nudge; Social Preferences

Dannenberg, Astrid (Guest Professor)
Environment and behavior; Cooperation; Institutions; Experiments

Dufwenberg, Martin (Guest Professor)
Psychological Games; Behavioural Theory; Emotions; Experiments

Dupoux, Marion
Public Goods, Social Preferences, Social Dilemma, Environment

Ek, Claes
Environment and behaviour; Public goods; Charitable giving

Eggert, Håkan
Field experiments; Natural resource management; Risk and Time Preferences; Social preferences

Johansson-Stenman, Olof
Relative concerns; Public Goods; Optimal Taxation; Welfare

Kocher, Martin (Guest Professor. On leave)
Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Social Dilemmas; Public Finance

Kovacs, Roxanne
Health, Social Preferences, Experiments, Development Economics

Lampi, Elina
Environment; Behaviour; Health; Social Preferences

Lange, Andreas (Guest Professor)
Prosocial Behaviour and Preferences; Risk and Uncertainty; Social Norms; Environment

Löfgren, Åsa
Behavioural and Experimental Industrial Organisation; Climate Change; Policy Design

Martinsson, Peter
Field Experiments; Public Goods; Happiness; Social Preferences

Mitesh Kataria
Environment and behaviour; Welfare, Happiness

Nordblom, Katarina
Tax Compliance; Social Norms; Social Preferences

Ranehill, Eva
Experimental and Behavioural Economics; Gender; Leadership; Group Decision-Making

Vecci, Joseph
Lab in the field; Social Norms; Development Economics; Gender

PhD students

Andersson, Lina
Game theory; Psychological games; Emotions

Jeppsson, Louise
Development Economics; Field Experiments; Nudge