C. elegans backward escape circuit
The C. elegans backward escape network describing all known connections, and the direction of these, in the backward escape locomotion circuit.
Photo: Julia Morud Lekholm

Molecular Neurobiology

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Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research – Future Research Leader program, Åke Wibergs Stiftelse, Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse, OE & Edla Johanssons Stiftelse

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The Morud Lekholm group works within the field of molecular neurobiology with a main focus on information processing in neuronal circuits. The group investigate proteins involved in sensory transduction and their fundamental regulatory function.

The research in the lab is focused on a class of ion channels, the ligand-gated ion channels, with the goal of trying to understand how they are regulated within the cells and to understand their involvement in controlling behaviour. In order to address these questions the group uses a large variety of techniques and models, such as in vivo studies in the nematode C. elegans, electrophysiology, molecular biology, as well as biochemical and biophysical techniques for structural determination.

Group members:
Leona Cesar, doktorand (PhD student)
Andrea Cellini, postdoc
Emelie Aspholm, postdoc
Davide Zabeo, postdoc