Assessment of English

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2002 - 2004
Project owner
The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

The Swedish National Agency for Education, Department of Education

Short description

In 2002 Sweden (National Agency for Education and the GU Language and Literature Unit) took part in a comparative European study of English skills at the end of compulsory school in eight countries - Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Germany.

About the project

The project was coordinated by the French Ministry of National Education. Data gathered consisted of answers to various types of examination questions, self-assessment, and responses to comprehensive student and teacher questionnaires.

The project USES

Data from this project formed the basis for the USES project (2006-2008), funded by the Swedish Research Council.


Gérard Bonnet / The European Network of Policy Makers for the Evaluation of Education Systems.

Project team


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