Photo: Åslög Dahl


Research project

Short description

Aerobiology is about the production, emission, dispersal and impact of the organisms and particles of biological origin – known together as bioaerosols – that float around the atmosphere. It involves cooperation between botanists, mycologists, ecologists, meteorologists and researchers from other atmospheric sciences, modelling, and medicine.


Åslög Dahl
Maria Grundström
Robert Daun

More about our project

We focus on airborne pollen and the ecology of plants that produce them, i.e., the effect of climate on phenology and reproductive effort, and also on meteorology, pollen release and transport. In cooperation with medicinal researchers, we study the impact of allergenic pollen on symptoms and life quality, and the additive effects of allergenic pollen and air pollution. Furthermore, we are involved in studies concerning other pro-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects of pollen that are not strictly part of an allergic reaction. 

Two of us are involved with a university-derived company that provides services regarding fungi in damp buildings and as plant pathogens. Thus, fungi as bioaerosols and as causes of health problems are also items for our attention, in order to be able to respond to the frequent requests from stakeholders for information concerning these matters .