Seaglider adventures in Drake Passage, Antarctica


On November 30, University of Gothenburg's ocean glider was deployed within the ORCHESTRA project in Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean. It was tough currents in the Southern Ocean, but we have gained control and the glider is heading to the transect we will occupy.

Well done to Louise Biddle for doing a great job on the ship in tough conditions!

If all goes to plan, the glider will be out there in the cold for 3 months until recovery in February 2018. The glider is continuously collecting physical and biogeochemical data between the surface and 1000m depth. Our glider was deployed together with other British Antarctic Survey gliders, such as 4 Slocum gliders and 1 surface Wave Glider.

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- pic of Louise with the glider before deployment on the Antarctic Peninsula
- map of glider location overlaid on sea surface temp and height
- some initial science data showing the profiles (zoom of upper 200m) the glider has done... collecting lots of cool data!