Researchers from FRAM prepare UNEP-report

Members of FRAM have joined the team to prepare the second Global Chemical Outlook, published by the United Nations Environment Programme. Prof. Thomas Backhaus and Dr. Daniel Slunge will contribute by leading the work to prepare two thematic review papers on the topics of “Chemical risk assessment” and “Macro-economic and fiscal incentives to advance the sound management of chemicals and sustainable chemistry“. The chapters should be ready in June 2018.

The previous Global Chemical Outlook was published 2013.

Other spin-off projects

A new project focuses on the risks associated with the chemicals that are in plastic packaging. The research project “Hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging: State of the art, prioritization, and assessment” is a multi-partner collaboration running from mid-2017 to mid-2019. Countless industries use plastic packaging and recycling companies aim to recycle it. But what do we know about the chemicals that are found in this packaging? The aim of this project is to compile current scientific information regarding hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging and make it accessible to all stakeholders. A special focus is placed on human and environmental health, as well as socio-economic impact. The project will also explore substitution options for the most hazardous chemicals.

From the University of Gothenburg the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences (Prof. Thomas Backhaus and Dr. Bethanie Carney-Almroth) and the Centre for Environment & Sustainability (Dr. Daniel Slunge) are partners in the project that is a spin-off project to the FRAM Centre.

Read more about the project at the project website.