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Research projects on locating neolithic central sites receives research funding


The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RJ) has decided to grant just over SEK 21 million to humanities and social science research at the University of Gothenburg.

Among the recipients we find archaeologists Karl-Göran Sjögren and Tony Axelsson's project "Uncovering a hidden neolithic landscape. Locating neolithic monumental sites through remote sensing, geophysics, and archaeology", which has been granted a total of 5,082,000 SEK. 

The grant application makes the following statements:
"The role of central gathering places in Neolithic societies has been stressed in much of recent archaeology. In this project, we wish to add to this discussion by analysing a particular region, Falbygden in western Sweden. The area has unique advantages for such a study, due to good preservation, highly structured landscape, and well researched Neolithic archaeology. The central places are sites enclosed by ditch systems and palisades, thought to have played a major role in the reproduction of Neolithic social systems. We wish to locate Neolithic central sites in the area and analyse their relation to other elements of the landscape such as settlements and passage graves, as well as communication routes and natural features. This will add significantly to our understanding of Neolithic landscape and society."

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