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Professor Metcalfe invited speaker at the Swedish Schumpeter Lecture

Professor Stan Metcalfe was invited speaker at the Swedish Schumpeter Lecture 2022. Professor Metcalfe, who is Honorary Doctor at the School of Business, Economics and Law, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Manchester, gave an inspiring lecture on how knowledge and innovation can lead to economic transformation.

Professor Metcalfe’s lecture had an overarching theme of the role of innovation in creating wealth from knowledge as seen through the writings of Joseph Schumpeter and Alfred Marshall.  Metcalfe shared his view of these two pioneering economists who changed the way we think about innovation and economic transformation. Schumpeter and Marshall promote radically different ways of interpreting how innovation occurs and, just as importantly, the processes by which novelties transform an economy. At a time of enormous global challenges, the solutions for which require a heavy reliance on science and technology, it is time to revisit the question of how innovations lead to economic change.

The lecture was streamed live and recorded. Approximately 200 people joined online, including prominent researchers, industry representatives, and participants from Swedish ministries and authorities. In addition, the lecture hall was fully booked with an additional 35 people joining the lecture in person.

Professor Stan Metcalfe

Stan Metcalfe
Professor Stan Metcalfe

Stan Metcalfe was appointed an Honorary Doctor in the area of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets, at University of Gothenburg, in 2018. He has contributed in a valuable way to the development of research, including e post graduate education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Metcalfe’s research has a decisive importance in explaining that innovations are based on never-stopping evolutionary processes, where a prerequisite is a heterogeneous supply of competence among entrepreneurs and other actors. Through his generosity and scientific work, Metcalfe has inspired and supported research and education at the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Gothenburg U-GOT KIES centre.

The Swedish Schumpeter Lecture

The Swedish Schumpeter Lecture 2022 is co-organised by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and the Gothenburg Centre on Knowledge-intensive Innovation Ecosystem (U-GOT KIES).

The Swedish Schumpeter Lectures is a Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum lecture series about the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurship function, and the role for economic development. Each year an internationally recognized researcher presents his/her work and reputable Swedish representatives from academia, business and politics, is invited to comment on the research. Joseph Schumpeter identified the entrepreneur as the central driving force of a dynamic economy, thus becoming the academic who took the entrepreneur into the economic analysis.

Anders Broström is CEO of Entreprenörskapsforum and Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

”The Swedish Schumpeter Lecture series was introduced in 2011 to honor and highlight world-leading scholarship on entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a wonderful opportunity for us at Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum to join forces with U- GOT-KIES for this year’s event, seeing how the center constitutes an important node for this type of research.”

Photo of Anders Broström, CEO Entreprenörskapsforum, Maureen McKelvey, Director U-GOT KIES and Professor Stan Metcalfe.
Anders Broström, CEO Entreprenörskapsforum, Maureen McKelvey, Director U-GOT KIES and Professor Stan Metcalfe.
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