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Postdoc in Environmental sciences wanted!

Postdoc position in Environmental sciences with a focus on ecotoxicology of microplastics and fish are now open at the University of Gothenburg.

The position is within a research group addressing the effects of environmental contaminants, from specific mechanisms of individual chemicals, or groups of substances, to risk assessment of complex mixtures.

The current position will be focused on microplastics, and determination of consequences of exposure in fish species. The research field is beginning to understand the of microplastic exposures, but these studies are limited and there are large knowledge gaps. The work will take place within a research project funded by the Swedish research council FORMAS. The aim of the project, and hence the position, is to assess the effects of microplastics on fish, and to measure the relative propensity for microplastics to act as vectors for environmental contaminants in the food chain. These studies will be conducted using in vivo systems.

More information and the announcement can be found here.