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Projekt om graviditet och covid-19

National Swedish COVID-19 and pregnancy study


How are pregnancy and fetal development affected by COVID-19? What happens to the health of the mother and child after the delivery? What is the experience of expected parents during a pandemic? A national study initiated from Gothenburg, covering a majority of Sweden’s birth centers, is focusing on these questions.

The study is one of few worldwide that is investigating the effects of the coronavirus in relation to pregnancy by connecting biological samples with national registries and questionnaire data. The sample collection is coordinated by Biobank Core Facilities at Sahlgrenska Academy and Biobank West, a joint facility run by Region Västra Götaland and the University of Gothenburg.

Wahida Sarwari, project manager at Core Facilities, says that the biobanks prioritize projects related to the novel coronavirus.

“We have been able to act fast and coordinate the study across the country, thanks to Biobank Sweden’s networks for sample service coordinators. At the same time, we are doing well by international standards as some biobanks in other countries have shut down during this pandemic,” she says.