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Dean Marie Demker
Dean Marie Demker at the inauguration.
Photo: Johanna Hillgren

Humanisten finally inaugurated


In the afternoon, Thursday 27 May, the new Humanisten was celebrated with balloons and music.The inauguration ceremony was broadcast digitally, with speeches by, among others, Chancellor Eva Wiberg and ribbon cutting by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Marie Demker. In addition, there was a panel discussion, a tour of the house, a film by the Göta Student Union's humanists section and interviews with the architect behind Humanisten and with the artist who has done the artistic design.

- Our house should be welcoming in every way and we look forward to the time when we can once again receive the students in our classrooms, and all our researchers and teachers can fill the corridors with conversations and research work again.

With those words, Dean Marie Demker began her speech before finally cutting the ribbon and declaring Humanisten officially inaugurated.

Konferencier Jörgen Kyle
Master of Ceremonies, Jörgen Kyle.
Photo: Jessica Oscarsson

A year of waiting

The house was completed by the turn of the year 2019/2020, but shortly after all the Faculty's departments moved in - for the first time gathered under one roof - the pandemic stopped the employees and students from using the house, and put an end to the plans of an inauguration later in the spring.

But now it was time, a year later. Instead of waiting further to have the opportunity to invite employees, students and the general public, it was a digital inauguration that all interested parties could take part in. And if you missed the inauguration, you can take part of all the content on the inauguration website even afterwards.

The inauguration ceremony, with speeches by Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg, Magnus Huss, Market Area Director for Akademiska Hus, Daniel Johansson, Chairman of the Göta student union's humanities section and by Dean Marie Demker also offered music by Gothenburg's brass quintet with singer Katarina Hemlin.

After the ceremony Jörgen Kyle, Master of ceremonies, showed the house on a digital tour together with student Ester Hillgren.

Panel discussion and interviews

In addition to the ceremony and tour, there is an opportunity on the inauguration web site to take part of a panel discussion with researchers, about the humanities' role in societal development and about the opportunities that the new house provides as a meeting place and for collaboration.

Other material that is also on the page is an interview with the architect PerEric Persson and a video interview with the artist Meriç Algün who created The Orchard of Resistance, an artistic design in three parts that spreads throughout the building's interior and discreetly but distinctly contributes to its identity. In addition, the student union has recorded a film that shows how long-awaited Humanisten has been among the students and how much they long to study on site in their new building.

As soon as the restrictions are released and the spread of infection has stopped, the house will be taken into full use. We at the University of Gothenburg can’t wait to see you on site, at public events, seminars, workshops, to sit and study at one of the more than 1000 study places or just to have a coffee in the café or a lunch in the restaurant.

A warm welcome to the new Humanisten!

The entire inaugural package can be viewed afterwards:



Näckrosen’s central location between Korsvägen and Götaplatsen offers ideal conditions for creating meeting places for students, researchers and Gothenburg’s residents. The new Humanisten is an important part of the development of the university area Näckrosen and is the first construction project to reach completion in the area. In the area University of Gothenburg and Akademiska Hus are planning a new university library and a new building for Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.