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Lise Meitner
Lise Meitner.

Ferenc Mezei receives the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2021


The Gothenburg Physics Centre presents Ferenc Mezei as the laureate of the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2021. Ferenc Mezei has made several ground-breaking discoveries in neutron physics which opened new areas in neutron based material investigation methods by improving their speed and accuracy.

Ferenc Mezei will receive the award with the motivation:
"For the inventions of the neutron spin echo method and the super mirror, which have significantly advanced neutron scattering methods, and for the long pulse neutron source concept, which is the foundation for the novel technical design of the European Spallation Source now being built in Lund.”

Ferenc Mezei is ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and Adjunct professor of Physics, University of California San Diego. He has also been Professor of Physics in joint appointment by TU Berlin and Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin, and Technical Coordinator at the European Spallation Source project in Lund.

Read more about Ferenc Mezei and the award at Gothenburg Physics Centre.

About the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award

The Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award is awarded by the Gothenburg Physics Centre to a scientist who made a breakthrough discovery in physics. The award was established in 2006 by the Department of Physics at University of Gothenburg and holds the honor, a monetary prize of EUR 3000 and a piece of art. In conjunction with the award ceremony the laureate holds a lecture, in memory of the nuclear physicist Lise Meitner.