Anders Hagberg

Places and Spaces - a concert with art and space as collaborator

Culture and languages

With the actual physical space as the starting point, flautist Anders Hagberg gathers music students from the programme in Improvisation Performance. Using the Gothenburg Museum of Art, as their arena, Anders and fellow musicians will create a space filled with music and sounds, allowing the different rooms to become active parts in this sonic landscape.

11 Oct 2023
18:00 - 19:00
The price for the concert is included in the entrance ticket to the museum. Day ticket SEK 65. Museum card SEK 110/130. Free admission for students (with student identification) and youths under 20.

Academy of Music and Drama

The concert is the end of a course that examined space as a musical co-player and has its starting point in Anders Hagberg's artistic research on inner and outer space.


The concert is held in the Gothenburg Museum of Art. It starts in the Entrance, then continues in the Sculpture Hall and the exhibition Wonderful Colour.


Anders Hagberg and musicians from the Academy of Music and Drama.

Anders Hagberg is a Professor of Musical Performance/Improvisation, flautist, saxophonist and composer. Improvisation and boundary crossing collaborations are the hallmarks of Anders, and his projects often includes artists from various genres and cultures as well as other art forms such as dance and visual arts.

His artistic research is about improvisation and spatiality with a special focus on melodic modality, musical presence and the awareness of acoustics in musical performance.

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