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Bild på matförpackning med texten "Bra mat längs E6"
Photo: Charlotte Berg

Designing innovative food experiences

Sustainability and environment
Culture and languages

A webinar on the design of innovative food experiences.

28 Apr 2021
12:00 - 13:00
Online on Zoom. Link to be sent after registration

The webinar will focus on the design of innovative food experiences through two interesting cases from the western parts of Sweden. Charlotte Bergström and Erika Wettre will present their project Slow food on the go (Bra mat på väg). This is followed by a presentation from Maria Bodin, project leader at University of Gothenburg, who will introduce us to the project Scary Seafood. The webinar is moderated by Lena Mossberg, professor in marketing.
The series is organised by the Centre for tourism and Business & Design Lab, at the University of Gothenburg.


12:00-12:05 Introduction to the seminar series by Erik Lundberg at the Centre for tourism, University of Gothenburg
12:05-12:10 Moderator Lena Mossberg from the Centre for tourism introduces the seminar topic and presenters 1
2:10-12:25 Charlotte Bergström and Erika Wettre presents the project Slow food on the go
12:25-12:40 Maria Bodin presents the project Scary Seafood 12:40-12:55 Discussion moderated by Lena Mossberg
12:55-13:00 Wrap up and invitation to coming seminars

Information about the projects and presenters

Scary Seafood

The goal of the project Scary Seafood - the new food from the sea, is to awaken curiosity and show the possibilities of using local marine organisms such as invertebrates, that for tradition or other reasons are not commonly eaten in Sweden. It is for example explored how previously unused marine resources can be developed into new restaurant products, and how self-harvesting and cooking of for example algae can become part of the culinary experience. In the long run the aim is to contribute to a more sustainable approach to fishing and harvesting of marine food.
More information on the project Scary Seafood

Slow food on the go (Bra mat på väg)

The project aims to make use of locally and sustainably produced food and raw material as a means to provide people travelling on the big roads in Sweden a healthy alternative. Through an agile food concept, the project combines accessible and fast with sustainable and healthy. Also, the local landscape and producers are made visible through digital storytelling so that travellers can taste local differences and get a sense of their surroundings.
For more information on the project

About the seminar series

The seminar is organised by the Centre for tourism and Business & Design Lab, both at University of Gothenburg. The purpose of the seminar- and workshop series is to achieve increased knowledge of and collaboration between actors who are at the intersection of design, tourism and place development. The series also intends to lead to new projects and constellations where actors from private and public organizations as well as teachers, researchers and students collaborate.