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Angela Bång

Senior Lecturer

Diagnostics, Acute and Critical
Visiting address
Arvid wallgrens backe hus 1 och 2
41346 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 457
40530 Göteborg

About Angela Bång

Angela Bång, Senior lecturer and excellent teacher, R.N, and Associate professor of Caring science.

She has a PhD in cardiology. Angela has 20 years of clinical experience from medicine, cardiology and emergency medical services (Prehospital emergency care). She dissertated in 2002 with a thesis on Emergency medical dispatch and first served as clinical lecturer and researcher for the ambulance service at SU. Since 2007 as university lecturer with responsibility for a one-year master for nurses in prehospital care. Angela also has experience from leadership as previously being head of section in an institution of caring science. From 2016 Angela works as a senior lecturer at the institution och Health and Caring Science at Sahlgrenska academy, Univ. of Gothenburg.


Angelas field of research is in emergency care, primarily on caring assessment of patients suffering from sepsis and acute coronary syndrome.

Research team

Angela is head supervisor in a doctoral research project with doctoral candidate Kristoffer Wibring. This project is called: Development of a Prehospital Decision Support Tool - Optimisation of the prehospital triage of patients with chest pain. Dissertaion is planned to December 10, 2021. Angela is second supervisor in a research project with doctoral candidate Johanna Petersson Viir with projecttitel: Experience of using non-contact based camera and IR-camera for monitoring vital signs in patients with covid-19.

Previous member of the Prehospital research Group at the University of Borås, and is a part of the research team at the institution of caring science at University of Gothenburg ACCT, Acute and critical care team, as well as GEMREG; Gothenburg Emergency medicine research group av Sahlgrenska university hospital.


Early caring assessment and treatment of various acute conditions. Complex care and clinical nursing, Theories and methodologies in Caring science.

Clinical activity

Angela has experience from emergency cardiac care and Prehospital emergency care.


Prehospital Emergency Care, out-of hospital, chest pain, acute coronary artery disease, sepsis, early suspicion, early identification, caring assessment