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The New Scientist highlights CARe research on industrial antibiotic pollution in India

In an article published in the New Scientist, a French journalist team describes the pollution situation from drug manufacturing in the Hyderabad area, and the research done here by the Larsson group at CARe.

In a series of articles from 2007 and onwards, the Larsson group have documented major antibiotic discharges from the manufacturing of drugs in the Hyderabad area, including consequences for antibiotic resistance development and potential ways forward to curb the pollution. Two French journalists have recently visited the area and describes a rather pessimistic view of the situation. In March 2018, local officials announced the construction of Pharma City, a new pharmaceutical park south of Hyderabad that will host between 900 and 1000 companies.

- One can only hope that emission control will be a top priority here, Joakim Larsson comments.

Read the featured story "Recipie for Disaster" by Alice Bomboy and Lise Barnéoud in the most recent issue of the New Scientist (page 44).