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New Portuguese Presence in Angola


Carolina Valente Cardoso´s new thesis explores the experiences of Portuguese migrants living in Angola. The thesis ‘The New Portuguese Presence in Angola - Traces, Emplacements and Interactions of a Postcolonial Encounter’ was successfully defended at the School of Global Studies on September 20, 2019.

Inverse flows of people and capital between Angola and Portugal marked a revivification of the economic, political, and socio-cultural ties connecting ex-colony and ex-metropole, forty years after independence. In this context, the study aims to reflect upon the experiences and subjectivities of Portuguese migrants living in Angola.

The thesis identifies and explores traces of the past, which shape the contemporary Portuguese presence in Angola. The study also investigates Portuguese-Angolan power relations as they are played out in everyday life interactions.

The thesis points to the symbolic and material connections of mobile subjects to the Angolan space/place, and to the different types of emplacement enacted by them. The study locates itself in the interception of three fields of scholarship: Lusophone postcolonial studies; North-South migration studies, and research on whiteness and white subjectivities in Africa.


Carolina Valente Cardoso
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