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Seminarium om teoretisk fysik - Håkan Wennerström

Naturvetenskap & IT

Detta är en del av seminarieserien för studenter och forskare som är intresserade av teoretisk fysik och tillämpad matematik. Håkan Wennerström från Lunds universitet håller i ett seminarium med titeln "Colloidal stability and osmotic pressure in living cells".

9 feb 2023
15:15 - 16:15
PJ-salen samt via Zoom

Colloidal stability and osmotic pressure in living cells


A living cell contains more than one hundred different protein species. There are then at least 104 potential protein-protein contacts, but only a few of these result in metabolic activity. How is chaos avoided? We argue, based on a quantitative description, that the protein-protein interaction at a range of order 0.5nm beyond contact has a generic species independent character. There is a delicate balance between electrostatic repulsion and dispersion attraction. In this way molecular contact is allowed but aggregation is prevented.   The dominantly repulsive protein-protein interaction has the result that at high concentrations the protein contribution to the osmotic pressure in the cell is substantial and of the same order as that from small ions. Diffusional motion is limiting the rate of metabolic process and the higher the concentration the shorter is the diffusional paths. However, at too high concentrations obstruction effects slows the diffusional transport. There is then an optimal intracellular concentration. It is experimentally found that optimal cellular metabolic rates occur for osmotic pressures in the range 0.25 to 0.40 M valid for “simple” bacteria as well as for plants and mammals. Halophiles represent an exception to this rule and the reason is discussed in the seminar.   


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Seminariet hålls i hybridform

Det går både att delta i seminariet på plats eller via Zoom.

Plats: PJ-salen, Institutionen för fysik, Kemigården 1, Göteborg

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Seminarium om teoretisk fysik