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The Master's Programme in Global Studies

Tackle the global challenges of our time

At the Master’s Programme in Global Studies you learn how to critically analyse current global issues and to find ways forward. The programme offers a wide interdisciplinary education that prepares you for both professional employment, and post-graduate research.

An interdisciplinary programme

The Master’s Programme in Global Studies explores globalization from different thematic, theoretical, and disciplinary perspectives.

The programme addresses globalization through a broad range of topics such as ethnicity, cultural diversity, gender, migration, conflict, political economy, security, conflict, and sustainable development. Gender and environmental consideration are taken into account throughout all of the courses.

Apply to the Master’s Programme in Global Studies if you are interested in deepening your knowledge on the challenges of globalization.

Analyse current global issues and find ways forward.  

Research focus

The programme maintains a close relationship between research and teaching where lectures and seminars are based on current research. 

If you are looking for an academic career you have the opportunity to apply for an internship with a research project at our department, contributing to our ongoing research.

The programme also has a well-established exchange with the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, that gives you the opportunity to write your thesis or apply for a research internship in India if you have specific interest in the Indian transport sector.