Meet the teachers

Meet some of the teachers at the Bachelor's programme of Business and Economics.

Mikael Cäker, senior lecturer Business Administration

What do you teach in your course? How can you use the knowledge in a future career?
The Management Accounting course teaches the basics of keeping track of costs, financial planning and evaluating performance of different entities in organizations. An understanding of management accounting is fundamental to manage organization, both on strategic and operational levels. This means that wherever you end up in your future career, to speak the financial language and understand what is the relevance of financial numbers in different situations will be helpful to you.

What is your research about?
As a researcher, I am interested in behavioural issues relating to design and use management accounting. Management accounting is supposed to support businesses. With increasing complexity and turbulence in most markets, and digital development that decreases the cost of retrieving and analysing information, there is much pointing at a lot of different kinds of information as relevant. However, humans ability to handle and act on information is still limited. Issues relating to what kind of information that is needed in different situation, and how it should be used, are more relevant than ever.

Abhinayan Basu Bal, senior lecturer Law

What do you teach in your course?
There are three Law courses in the Programme that I lead and deliver. These courses provide students an overview of commercial and business law topics along with analytical thinking and complex problem-solving skills, which are essential to improve employability in a variety of industries.

How can students use the knowledge in a future career?
The two compulsory Law courses in the Programme prepare students to appreciate various legal issues in international business operations. The optional course allow students to specialise in corporate finance law with particular emphasis on FinTech. Overall, the courses are geared towards preparing a mindset that is not just about business profits but benefitting all stakeholders.

What is your research about?
I research on topics connected to trade, transport and commerce with particular emphasis on digitalisation and sustainability.

Why study the Bachelor’s Programme in business and economics?
The Bachelor's Programme is designed to prepare students for careers that require numerical, analytical and problem solving skills to become responsible future leaders.